Sustainable Storytelling

Embracing sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Together, we can ensure the festival is as kind to our planet as it is inspiring to us.


👣 **Tread Lightly with Transport**

All our venues – Crystalbrook Flynn, Crystalbrook Bailey, and Cairns City Library – are close together. Presenters won’t need transport between venues, and there are eco-friendly transport options. Airport shuttle services with fuel-efficient or electric vehicles will be used for presenters’  ground transfers.


🌱 **Waste-Not Wonderland**

We’re all about embracing a zero-waste approach. There’s a Subpod® composting system in place for food waste and our vendors use “Containers for Change” and other recycling initiatives.


💡 **Energize Efficiently**

We will use tech and practices that keep things bright while being light on our planet.


#### Nourish Yourself, Nourish the Planet


🍽️ **Conscious Catering**

Our “Climate Calories” initiative will ensure your bites are local, sustainable, and utterly delicious. BYO water bottle to make use of our refill stations on site.


#### Community and Inclusion – We’re All in This Together!


🤝 **Supporting Local**

We’ve looped in local businesses, authors, and artists, fostering partnerships with Indigenous communities, highlighting culturally significant ingredients in our menus, and ensuring our event is accessible and inclusive for all. 


🎟️ **Inclusive Invites**

Various pricing options and scholarship/sponsored tickets are available to ensure no one misses out on the magic.


#### Let’s Make Waves Together!


🌊 **Partnerships with Purpose**

We’re teaming up with local and global entities (like the eco-warriors at Crystalbrook Flynn and the guardians at Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef) to make the festival a shining example of what’s possible when we work together for sustainability.


#### Join the Dialogue – Your Voice Matters!


📢 **Stay Tuned and Speak Up**

Through digital platforms and on-site signage, we’ll keep you in the loop about our sustainability adventures and how you can join in. Plus, your feedback is golden – share your thoughts and help us grow greener.


📊 **Let’s Celebrate and Iterate**

Post-festival, we’ll be sharing our sustainability report (the good, the challenging, and the unexpected) and using that knowledge to sprout even greener initiatives next time around.