Local Author Book Launch Program

Join LABL – the Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival’s Local Author Book Launch Program. 

Are you a passionate author based in Cairns or Far North Queensland? We’re here to help you shine a spotlight on your literary talent. The Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival (CTWF) is excited to invite you to be a part of our Local Author Book Launch Program.

What Is LABL?

Our mission is simple: we want to celebrate and promote local authors like you. The LABL Program is designed to showcase your work, and it spans across the festival period, both before, during, and after the main event. We believe in the power of collaboration, so successful authors will have the opportunity to team up with one or two fellow writers for joint book launches, maximising the buzz and reaching a wider audience together.

Do You Qualify?

  • Was your book published in 2022 or later?
  • Can you gather 10-15 people to attend?
  • Do you have social media accounts to promote the event (or are you willing to get started on that immediately to build a following)?
  • Will your publication be market-ready by 8 March 2024?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you should apply!

What We Do For You

CTWF takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on what you do best—writing! Here’s how we support you:

    • Venue – We provide the launch venue 
    • Event Planning – We create detailed ‘runsheets’ to ensure your launch event goes off without a hitch.
    • Marketing – We promote your book launch extensively through CTWF social media (Facebook event and social media posts), our printed festival program, and our CTWF website.
    • Credibility – Being associated with CTWF adds an extra layer of credibility to your book launch event, making it even more special and memorable.

Help Your Book Launch Succeed

To ensure your Book Launch has the best chance of success, we recommend the following:

  • Share your event on Social Media
  • Share your event (link to website) via email
  • Invite friends, family and colleagues to your Facebook Event
  • Distribute copies of the print program booklet
  • Curate your own press release with the unique angle of your story and book and share with media

How Does The Program Work?

  1. Expressions of interest (Dec 2023 and January 2024)
  2. Selection process (January 2024)
  3. Confirmation of authors (January 2024)
  4. Confirmation of dates and venues (January 2024)
  5. Launches publicly announced (January 2024) 
  6. Promotion by all – typically 10-15 hours work for each author is required in preparation and promotion (From January 2024 until event)
  7. Runsheets developed and Distributed by CTWF to ensure all goes smoothly at your launch (Distributed by 14 February 2024)
  8. Launches are held 8- 10 March 2024

Fee:   Please note that there is a $250 fee to participate to help covering promotion and the staff hours involved.

Don’t Miss your chance

This is your opportunity to get your book in front of a supportive and enthusiastic audience. Join us in celebrating the rich literary talent of Cairns and Far North Queensland. Let’s make your book launch an unforgettable experience!

Interested in becoming a part of the CTWF LABL Program? Simply submit your Expression of Interest and take the first step toward showcasing your masterpiece to the world.

For more details and to submit your Expression of Interest, visit our website or contact us today. 

online form – labl program

Emerging and established authors have the opportunity to introduce their publication to a larger audience as part of the CTWF LABL program. Particularly developed with local authors and artists in mind, this program is a way for the festival to develop community connections and capacity, develop relationships with local businesses and showcase the talents of the Cairns and FNQ to our local and visiting attendees.

Please note: There is no fee to submit a Book Launch EOI. However, if successful, to have your Book Launch included in the CTWF2024 LABL program, the fee is $250. All applicants will be considered upon submission by the programming team. There will be a standardised criteria used to assess every submission as book launch slots will be limited.

For more information on the program, please visit our website. Any queries please contact us on program@ctwf.com.au  


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Has this book been launched previously?

What would your expected attendance be? Please note: If you would expect less than 20 attendees this would not be the right program for you.

Would you prefer a day or evening event?

Would you be open to combining your launch with another author?

I understand that if successful, to be part of the Book Launch program will incur a $250 fee.

I understand this EOI needs to go through a submission process and be assessed against a set criteria.