Writers’ Workshop With Tony Park: A Sense of Place


Tony Park is the bestselling author of 20 thriller novels set in Africa and eight non-fiction biographies. He is also a paid mentor for the Australian Society of Authors. ‘Place’ is crucial to Tony’s writing, with many new readers picking up his books because they’ve been to Africa on holiday, lived there, or are just fascinated by this diverse and intriguing continent.

Likewise, his nonfiction writing draws heavily on his ability to put the reader in the time and place where the action is happening. Whether it’s the brutal rocky desert of Afghanistan, the jungles of wartime Vietnam, or grand wildlife-rich vistas in Africa, Tony’s job as a writer is to convince the reader that they are there, beside him and his characters.

In A Sense of Place, Tony will draw on his real-life experience as an author and traveller to show attendees how to use the core elements of writing – narrative, dialogue and description – combined with some real-world tips on research, in order to successfully ’show’ their readers where they are and what’s happening around them.

The two-hour workshop will include tuition, discussion, and some brief practical exercises to help attendees hone their writing skills and convincingly capture the essence of wherever and whenever their work is set.

Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival proudly brings this all-ages presentation to Cairns.

DATE: Saturday, 25 February 2023
TIME: 1.00pm – 3:00pm
VENUE: Pullman Cairns International