Whether you’re an aspiring writer or an avid reader, there is a whole background to the book industry that remains opaque to public view, one of them which is not widely known is how you make you book into a movie. So many books pass us by with their bright, shiny covers, appearing in our bookshops, libraries, schools and online. In this session, I will talk about the process I went through to have my book made into a movie.

* What’s in it for the authors, the publishers and the bookshops?
* Who is willing to advertise your movie?
* Why you pitch your manuscript directly to a film producer. Or does it get published first.
* What’s in your book contract does it mention a percentage of the movie is to be paid to them?
* What sort of movie do you want made?
* Remember the producer may see your book in a very different scenario than how you want it filmed.
* Who to contact about the process of movie making
* Communication is the Key asking the right questions
* Working inside a budget
* Inform your publisher there may be sales on the way, can she complete the orders
* Making sure the advertising is correct and in the mains stream