Indie Authors & Self-Publishers Workshop

‘TO PUBLISH OR SELF-PUBLISH … that is the Question!’

We all have a book in us, right? OR: You’ve just finished writing The Great Australian Novel – now what?

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a book lover, in this totally interactive session Cathi takes you into the fascinating journey/s from manuscript (double-spaced, Times Roman font, please!) to those tantalising bright, shiny ‘new releases’ tempting you through your bookstore’s doors.

Why write a book? Who’s it for? What’s already out there on that topic? What are the trends here, and internationally (after all, my book’s going to be an international hit, isn’t it!)? Should I take a creative writing course before I put my fingers on the keyboard?

… 60,000 words later and checking out publishers (so many…) and literary agents. But wait, what about self-publishing and making lots of money since it’s going to be a bestseller … and those rejection letters are piling up. So much to talk about, and that’s just the beginning!

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or an avid reader, there is a whole background to the book industry that remains opaque to public view but has considerable implications for the continuous stream of newly released books with their bright, shiny covers, appearing in our bookshops, libraries, schools and online.

In this interactive lunch event, as well as providing a brief outline of the publishing process, from the writing, editing, and beyond, we will look at a number of key areas: how and why the publisher decides on what to publish – reading trends here and internationally, and the way they can change rapidly. Why books might be expensive in Australia but cheaper in the US or Europe. What’s in it for the authors, the publishers, and the bookshops? Whether and why you might choose to self-publish – what does that actually mean? And why you would pitch your manuscript directly to a publisher or go to a literary agent. And what about eBooks and audiobooks – what place do they have in the reading landscape?

If this sounds like your journey, this workshop is for you!

ABOUT CATHI LEWIS: Catherine Lewis founded Wild Dingo Press twelve years ago to publish more diverse and disenfranchised voices. The first title, The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, was widely acclaimed, became a bestseller, and was on the VCE English text list for 4 years. A number of subsequent titles have been award winners or shortlisted, including for the international Booker Award, have been optioned for film, and had international rights sold. Previously she was Managing Director of the successful English textbook publishing company, Insight Publications, and prior to that lectured in Sociology at Monash University in Melbourne.

DATE: Friday 24 February
TIME: 12:30pm – 2:00pm
LOCATION: Pullman Cairns International
TICKETS: $35 pp