Australian scientist and popular radio and television personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is headed to the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival to talk all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the man with the answers when it comes to science and technology and is known for his infectious enthusiasm while presenting.

As well as appearing on regular television and radio segments throughout his career, including for the ABC and Triple J, Dr Karl is an established author of 47 books. FORTY-SEVEN!

He was honoured with the prestigious Ig Nobel Prize awarded by Harvard University for his ground-breaking research into “Belly button lint and why it is almost always blue”.

Dr Karl’s first book, Great Moments In Science was released back in 1985. His 47th book, ‘Dr Karl’s Little Book of Climate Change Science’ was released in March 2021. His 46th book, ‘Dr Karl’s Surfing Safari Through Science’ and 45th book ‘Dr Karl’s Random Road Trip Through Science’ were released in October 2020 and 2019 respectively, and are the first of his books to come with pop-up holograms (or augmented reality). He released two kids’ activity books ‘Dr Karl’s Little Book of Dinos’ and ‘Dr Karl’s Little Books of Space’ in June 2017.

About DR KARL’S LITTLE BOOK OF CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE: Australia’s favourite science guru explains the facts about climate change — and how we can fix it. How do Greenhouse Gas molecules shimmy and shake to trap 400,000 Hiroshima atom bombs’ worth of the Sun’s heat each day? Who did the early research into Climate Change and then spent billions trying to cover it up? What’s the Hockey Stick Graph and why is it so important? How did Climate Change tip the Earth off its axis? Why was Sydney the hottest place on Earth on 4 January 2020? How can we move to zero and even negative emissions? How can kelp help? When it comes to long-haul transport, why is hydrogen the way to go? And much more! Now, in this never-dull, easy-to-understand guide Dr Karl explains the science of climate change and how we can fix it. (We can!)

Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival proudly brings this all-ages presentation by Dr Karl to Cairns.

DATE: Friday, 24 February 2023
TIME: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
VENUE: Pullman Cairns International
TICKETS: $40 (Adults) and $25 (under 18)