SESSION NAME: When World History Collides with Family Secrets! Stories Happen to People Who Tell Them.

As a leading advocate for women in media and leadership, many will know Anita for her success as one of Australia’s most distinguished television producers. Having worked on some of the nation’s most credible and cutting-edge programs – from 60 Minutes to The Today Show, Good Morning Australia, Laws and Enough Rope, Anita’s wealth of experience and knowledge saw her headhunted in 2013 to manage the Australian arm of one of the largest commercial television production companies in the world, ITV Studios.

From exploring the lives of presidents and rock stars, royalty and broadcasting giants like Sir David Attenborough, Crown Princess Mary, Bill Clinton, Clint Eastwood, Jane Fonda, Michael Parkinson, Muhammad Yunus and Elton John –  it was a throw-away comment at a dinner party one night that saw Anita take on her biggest project yet. 

From that night on, her world was turned on its head as she investigated a tale hidden so deep, it took her nine years to uncover the extraordinary truth about her own father Phillip Jacoby – a man who’d been the principal figure in her life, whom she’d looked up to and adored. 

Listen to award-winning journalist and author of Himalayan Dreams: The Story of Som Tamang, Kirsty Nancarrow as she delves deep into conversation with Anita about the painful and unimaginable that led her to write Secrets Beyond the Screen. You’ll also be privy to what it was like as one of the few Australian women in media to gain an insight into the entrepreneurial sphere – working with some of the biggest names in media and what it was really like behind the scenes interviewing some of the most iconic people in the world!


Anita Jacoby in conversation with Kirsty Nancarrow