Accessibility and Inclusion at CTWF2024

Your Journey, Made Easier

Pre-Event Queries
Drop us a note at our dedicated email or give us a ring at our special number for all things accessibility. Details about the sessions, workshops, and festival buzz are available in friendly formats like HTML, PDF, and plain text to make things a bit smoother for you.


Wheelchair Accessibility at the Festival

Both Crystalbrook Flynn and Cairns City Library are all set for a smooth, hassle-free experience with clear pathways, no obstructions, tactile paving for people who are visually impaired and easy access to stages, facilities, and restrooms.


Simple Stays and Rides
We’ve teamed up with Crystalbrook Flynn and Spinal Life Australia to ensure comfy, accessible rooms and logistics for everyone. Shuttle services and public transport tips? We’ve got that info handy for you.


Engaging, Exciting Programming for All


Be Part of Every Word
We’ll have live transcription services (CART), materials in varied formats (hello, Braille and large print), and interpreters bringing words to life in sign language.


Hearing and Visual Assistance
Hearing loops and helpful volunteers will be on standby to assist visually impaired attendees.


Yum Bites and Sips for Everyone

From thoughtful meal options catering to all dietary needs, to accessible catering stations and detailed menus (in varied formats), your foodie needs are covered.


Safety First, Always

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we’ve ensured clear exit pathways and trained our staff and volunteers to assist everyone, with a special focus on those needing a bit of extra help.


We’re Ears Open for Your Thoughts

After soaking in the literary goodness, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Our feedback mechanisms are as diverse and accessible as our programming.


Growing, Learning, Improving

Your feedback will make future festivals even more splendid and inclusive. We’re also considering forming a special committee to keep the accessibility ship sailing smoothly.


A Little Extra Love

Support persons (with a Companion Card) get complimentary or discounted admission, and we’ve crafted quiet, serene spaces for anyone needing a peaceful pause.



Note: For the detailed CTWF2024 Accessibility Plan, please click here.

Got more queries or specific needs? Reach out to us anytime.



📞: 0423 959 648


 Together creating a haven of stories, accessibly and inclusively! 🚀📖💫